Digital Strategy Consultant

Digital Strategy ConsultantWhat is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy refers to the process of  specifying the companies goals and visions and applying them to the digital initiatives with the goal of maximizing its performance. In short terms digital strategy helps, to get most out of your digital projects.

How can a Digital Strategy Consultant help you?

During my work as a Project Manager and WordPress Professional I have developed several strategies to implement successful online projects. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing can help you getting found online. However, interpreting the customers online behavior and developing a service according to the customers requirements is what makes a good online project, a great one.

Don’t have the budget? $100 is already enough!

A digital strategy can, but must not be a huge task. I can offer a digital strategy analysis and recommendations, starting at $100 already, targeted specifically at your digital project.

Digital Strategy is for everyone!

If you are planning an online project or struggle with an existing digital presence I would be really happy to help you out. I can guarantee, that even with a low budget, the result will be substantial to your online success. If you are interested in working with me please get in touch!

Want to know more about digital strategy? Check out the Wikipedia article here!